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Window awnings

Window awnings greatly enhance the look of your home and provide shade to windows that otherwise would be left entirely exposed to the sun. Our awnings are made from high-quality, weather-proof material, providing excellent durability and easy maintenance. The window awning covers can be retracted or locked in place depending on your needs, with a range of design and colour options available to suit any home style. They’re highly practical in bathrooms and kitchens, with a functional design that makes water easily run off them without dripping onto floors or furniture below.

Stylish. Multifunctional.

Perfectly suited to any window.

Flexible Fabric Tension.

Ideal for any outdoor relaxation space.

Folding Arm

Protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage and relax in your open-air retreat with our range of folding arm awnings. It’s made of highly durable, weatherproof material that will last for many years to come. The stylish design features both manual or automatic options to provide comfort and convenience at the flick of a switch. With a range of colour and design options, we guarantee our stylish UV protector will make a fantastic addition to the outdoor space of any home or business. In addition, its lightweight and flexible fabric makes it easy to fold into itself at your convenience!

Drop Awning

Enjoy the outdoors with our Australian-made range of Drop awnings. They’re perfect for windows, patios, or balconies, and are an excellent way to affordably increase the living space of your home while still providing great ventilation. Its sleek, minimalistic design and variety of colour options means we can install your drop awning to blend seamlessly with your property. It provides excellent privacy, protection from the sun, and a cool place to relax in your outdoor paradise 24/7. Our drop awnings come in both manual or automatic controls, with a range of height options, giving you complete freedom to choose your ideal temperature and preferred amount of sunlight exposure.

Sleek Design.
Great Functionality.

Outdoor area and window compatible.

Eliminate Heat & Glare.

Perfect for any conservatory or patio.

Conservatory Awnings

Sure to turn heads, our conservatory awnings are a perfect solution to provide shade over a glazed roof or any patio. When extended, the awning provides UV protection to the interior of your retreat, substantially reducing the amount of heat that enters the room. This keeps your space cool in the summer and reduces glare from sunlight. The Conservatory Awning is available in a range of different sizes and styles to suit any relaxation space. It can also be customised with different fabrics, colours, and patterns to match your home and décor!

Roof awnings

Looking for a roofing system that can keep you covered and cool year-round? Look no further than our architectural retractable roof and pergola systems. With full protection from the sun or rain, these systems are perfect for any home or business. These systems are sturdy, robust, and fully automated, so you can adjust them to let in as much (or as little) sunlight as you’d like. And with a range of different styles and colours available, they’re sure to look fantastic no matter where you install them. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!

Sturdy, Robust & Stylish.

Completely weather proof your patio.


It starts with a chat. We’ll ask a few questions about your outdoor space, ideal style, budget range, and more. Choosing the perfect awning is a big decision which is why we listen so we can understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team will then present a range of options including fabrics, colours, extra features and more. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of each option depending on your needs, so you can be fully confident we’re on the same page.

We’ll complete a free site inspection and measurement to ensure our solution perfectly fits your outdoor retreat. Finally, you’ll get a quote transparently outlining every step of the process so you can be sure you’re getting value for money!

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